• Crystal Grids - 6 Inch Diameter


    Introducing the NEW Timber + Stone Collection - Crystal Grids

    As someone deeply passionate about nature and metaphysics, I am thrilled to unveil these unique crystal grids! This collection is a heartfelt expression of my love for earth's elements, encapsulated in Timber + Stone. Each piece is not just a creation but a manifestation of my intention to blend artistry with functionality.

    I envisioned these grids to serve as both captivating art pieces and powerful tools for crystal energy work. What sets this collection apart is that, unlike our other pieces that are individually hand-burnt, these grids embrace the precision of laser technology. This ensures that the sacred geometry in each grid is exact, allowing for enhanced energy alignment and intention manifestation.

    Whether you resonate with the concept of crystal grids and sacred geometry or not, I invite you to connect with the essence of these designs. They embody the harmonious fusion of geometry's structured beauty and nature's organic patterns.

    Imperfect yet perfectly aligned; these grids symbolize the raw beauty of what we hold sacred. They capture the essence of imperfection in a way that feels refreshingly genuine, offering a new perspective on the balance between flawlessness and authenticity.

    May these pieces find their way into your home, bringing a touch of nature's magic and a reminder of the beauty found in every imperfection.

    Grids come in 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch diameters, they are 0.75 inches thick. The grids are finished in a natural food safe lacquer protecting and enhancing the wood.

    Note: Crystals not included in the grid, product is for the wood grid only. Crystal kits coming soon.