I’ve been reflecting on Tiny Timber Designs' “why?”. What is the reason I’m drawn to create wearable pieces of wood? 

The thing that it keeps coming back to is trees. That seems super obvious! But what this means to me is that my purpose is not necessarily to create jewelry (believe it or not I’m not actually a huge jewelry wearer), the reason I created these pieces in the first place was to honour the being (tree) that gave it’s life to give us life (fresh air, shelter, warmth and SO much more). Bear with me, I know this seems pretty out there…trees carry in them so much power, beauty and life lessons.

One lesson is to spend more time outside!Reality for many of us is that we sit at an office desk or work inside many days for many hours. For me this is the case and it makes me feel disconnected to nature even though it’s right outside my window. Wearing a piece of what was once an air creating being helps ground me and make me feel more connected not only to nature but also myself. Circling this all back, I’ve been thinking of how we can add more meaning to what we do through Tiny Timber Designs, as its very essence is supported by trees. 

We LOVE the work Tree Canada does to help improve the lives of Canadians by planting and nurturing trees while also teaching about the value of trees. Taking one tiny step in what I feel is an aligned direction I have foraged a friendship with Tree Canada and will now offer a seed growing kit with each sale of our "Treasure a Tree" new 100% made in Canada collection. The trees are calling for us to be more connected to them. What better way to connect then growing your very own tree! 

"Love is like a tree, it grows of its own accord, it puts down deep roots into our whole being."

― Victor Hugo